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Commerce Chrome Extension

Acting on user feedback, we rewrote Sovrn Commerce's legacy Chrome Extension with modern tech and a streamlined CI/CD pipeline improving the end user and developer experience.

Sovrn Commerce is a product that allows publishers to easily integrate affiliate links into their content. The Chrome Extension allows publishers to quickly and easily create affiliate links while browsing the web. Though the extension was functional, a total revamp was required to sustain growth.

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Tech Stack


The Sovrn Commerce Chrome Extension app was built from the ground-up with TypeScript and React. We used Vite to build the app. This was crucial to enable an efficient developer experience with hot module reloading. The build system also allowed us to use TypeScript for the extension's background scripts; this was a huge improvement over the legacy extension's background scripts which were written in JavaScript.


With quality checks like linting, unit and e2e tests in place, the app is built and distributed using GitHub Actions.

Monitoring + Metrics

We use Datadog to monitor crashes, performance, and user engagement.


I was the lead engineer on this project, and I worked closely with our product and design teams to build a product that was both beautiful and functional. I also worked with our QA team to ensure that the app was stable and bug-free.