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Various side projects and POCs to learn or experiment with new-to-me technologies.

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Is the free self-hosted version of wh2o.io (except without the flow forecasting). The app allows users to send themselves Email and SMS notifications for their bookmarked rivers. The river dataset includes rivers in the United States, Canada, New Zealand, and Chile.

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A small CLI to copy all TypeScript type, enum, and interface declarations in a directory to a single types.ts file.

Great for when you are working with a Nodejs API and a frontend that both use TypeScript. With types-sync you can write your models once then easily sync them with the client-side helping to reduce duplication.

Inspired by graphql-code-generator, an awesome tool that generates TS types from GraphQL schema.

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A DIY smart irrigation system for Raspberry Pi built with Next.js, TypeScript, Socket.io and Redis. Inspired by this guide on Instructables, Raspberry Pi Controlled Irrigation System.

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A small Rube Goldberg machine to get acquainted with Go, experiment with GitHub Webhooks and play with a neglected Raspberry Pi. The idea is to show some sort of indicator, in addition to the small red 'x' in the Github UI, when an app's build fails.

I'm using a raspberry pi and an awful-sounding buzzer.

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